Diy Kits

Whether it’s just for you or you want to host a group event yourself, the DIY Kits have everything you need for yourself or up to 10 friends. You will receive everything needed to complete your custom painted wood sign (including a super easy video). You can wear you PJ’s without getting weird looks from guests!

DIY Kits are a great option if:

  • your group is smaller than 10 guests (the minimum to book a date).
  • you need an activity for an out of town event (i.e. bridal shower or family retreat).
  • you want to paint a bunch of signs but don’t want to shower.
  • you don’t feel like dealing with people (I get it!).
  • you need something for your kids to work on so you can have some piece and quiet.

Seriously though, DIY Kits are a blast and you can definitely achieve professional results in the comfort of your home. They are also perfect for gifting!

DIY Kits have become the #1 option for fundraisers as there is no need to rent a facility to hold an event.